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Let’s discuss checklists of things you should have before your puppy comes home.

  • A crate & x pen attachment 

     -I chose a separate crate for over night sleep in my bedroom as well

  • reusable puppy pads

     -I don’t use pee pads for potty training but these are a great water proof barrier for your pups bed and your floor! They wash super easy and hold a good amount of liquid!

  • Puppy food

     -I got a small bag of freeze dried dog food as well to use a special treats. Most puppies will eat anything so no need to spend the money on a giant bag of treats just yet!

  • Treat Bag with poop bags attached

     -this is important for socializing your puppy and you always want to be prepared to clean up after yourself!

  • Chew snacks

     -I feed these very sparingly but can help settle puppy into kennel time as they take a little longer to eat. Try to find one with minimal ingredients if possible like the fish skin I posted.

  • Toys

     -while stuffies are so fun and we definitely have some at the house (I do Barkbox) my puppy toy goals were things with lots of different textures and that made different noises and revolved around creating a lot of different options and sensations for chew time. Even slow feeder bowls or simple dog puzzles can be a fun interactive toy for puppies. (I personally got a heart beat puppy that has a heat pouch inside and left it for his littermates to play with. It’s what he’s snuggling in the picture below                             

  • Gear

     -your puppy may not be leash trained when you get them so make sure you have a snug fitting collar or harness. Go ahead and have tags made and get your puppy used to wearing them. Also an “in training” vest or jacket is great to help once you start in public socialization

  • Grooming

     -Puppy shampoo, brushes, nail clippers, eye and ear wipes should all be part of your shopping list! These are important things for your puppy to get used to.

  • Potty bells or Buttons

     -though your puppy likely won’t use these for a while, you can use them from the beginning to show your puppy that noise means you are going outside!

  • Plan for the weather!

     – when are you getting your puppy? You are going to be going outside ALOT for quick potty breaks. Make sure you’re prepared to stand in the weather comfortably. Since it’s winter I bought some cheap crock knock offs at Walmart , a bunch of fuzzy socks, and a GIANT robe. Also I have an umbrella by the door. This way I’m not likely to rush potty breaks and we minimize accidents happening when I come back in! 


And last but not least remember puppies need SO much time and attention. Especially the first couple weeks while they settle. If you work long hours try to plan vacation time around getting your new puppy or have a sitter if possible! This will help minimize your puppy getting overly bored and prevent accidents while they are learning to hold their bladder. 

Make sure you’re fully stocked on coffee and snacks and buckle in! Puppy raising is equally the most exhausting and rewarding time – YOU’VE GOT THIS! 

–  Trainer Morgan

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