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They have an amazing staff!

We just finished up the basic obedience class for my Lab Harley. Harley is a 11 month old Lab rescue that I take everywhere with me. So I wanted to make sure she had the tools to be out in public around a lot of people and be well behaved. After our first class I could tell a huge difference and now that we’ve finished the basic obedience program, I couldn’t be more excited about starting the Advanced program at Off Leash K9 in Knoxville. They have an amazing staff. We start her advanced program today and I am excited to see the outcome. No one can believe she’s only 11 months and behaves like she does around tons of people.
Jennifer Rather

Jennifer R.  // Verified Google Review

best money I've ever spent

Have nothing but positive things to say about my trainer. She’s absolutely amazing and I trust her completely with my dog. She’s been perfect training him and taken time to explain ever aspect of the training in detail. She’s genuinely not focused on the amount of time but instead focuses on making sure that the dog is trained to be the best he can be, as well as making sure you personally have the right knowledge to go home and continue what she starts. This is by far the best money I’ve ever spent on my dog and I would gladly do it time and time again. We’re only three lessons in and he’s a completely different dog and continues to grow with each class.

Austin G.  // Verified Google Review

amazing results!

Off Leash has had amazing results with my dog, Chester. After the very first lesson he mastered “come” and “sit.” Now I can actually tell him to sit in a place of my choosing and he will stay there, regardless of distractions, until I give him the release command. The training method is easy to follow and works great. After trying other classes and methods of training, I can absolutely say that Off Leash K9 makes training easier and more effective than anything else I have ever seen.
Brad C
Brad C.   // Verified Google Review

Would highly recommend!!

Had our 2 dogs go through the basic training so far. Trainers were great and training really helped with our 2 dogs. Would highly recommend!!
Bruce B
Bruce B.  // Verified Google Review

I Cannot Give a High Enough Review

My trainer trained my Great Pyrenees mix baby (8 month is old), and he is a new boy! He listens. He obeys. He no longer counter surfs. I cannot give a high enough review for my trainer! I highly recommend OLK9 to anyone interested in having their dog(s) trained.
Kristen R.  // Verified Google Review

I’m so impressed and amazed!!

I can’t express how thankful I am for Off Leash training. It was completely worth the investment for my dog, Holden. He’s always been a runner if he got out & wouldn’t come when I called. Not only is that frustrating, but it’s dangerous. After completing Basic & Advanced classes, Holden is a different dog. He’s learned commands, understands what I want him to do and can now walk Off Leash!! I’m so impressed and amazed!! I never thought he’d be able to go anywhere without being leashed! That makes us both happy!
JJ R.   // Verified Google Review

My trainer is amazing!

My trainer is amazing! We did the 2-wk board and train with our golden retriever! Best money I’ve ever spent! One minute I thought I was at whits end with my puppy and training… now we’re off to market square and social events and he does amazing! Will forever recommend K9 Off Leash,my trainer, and their staff!
Mackenzie C.  // Verified Google Review

I'm Over the Moon!

Before Off Leash training my dog was making it not very fun to have a dog. I couldn’t walk him or really take him out of the house without major headaches, both figuratively and literally. I met a guy training his dog (a very similar breed of dog to mine) at the dog park and I was amazed at how well his pup behaved. It took me a bit to save up the money to pay for these lessons, but every penny was well spent. In fact, my dog was a different dog after just the first lesson. It was a beautiful sight to behold. My dog no longer scares people who knock at the door, counter surfs, eats out of the garbage, barks all day and all night at everything and anything and that’s just after the first lesson. So far we’ve been to two of four lessons and I’m already over the moon with how well my pup is behaving these days. I think we’ve also bonded more, he and I, and he seems happier too. Lastly, I am so grateful for our trainer, she knows her stuff and she’s super nice too. Thank you K9 Off Leash Training! You’ve saved my life!
Samantha W.  // Verified Google Review

love the staff and training

Absolutely love the staff and training at Off Leash K9 Training! Nelson, my now 8 month old Boxer, started classes as a 10 week old puppy in their STAR Puppy Classes and then moved on to his Basic Obedience. Nelson and I loved working with my trainer. Nelson was easily distracted and excited by people and other dogs. She worked with us both during class on controlling his excitement while learning to heel, come, sit, down, etc. I would never have imagined that the puppy that was literally dragging me down the street, jumping on people, and coming only when HE felt like it could be transformed into the well behaved and well mannered dog he is today. We couldn’t have done it without my trainer’s help and patient. Thank you and I look forward to coming back for advanced classes real soon.
Mandy B.  // Verified Google Review

fantastic experience!

I was nervous about lessons at first, but they turned out to be a fantastic experience. My Giant Schnauzer, Lucy, is so much more confident and calm after working with Vashti for basic obedience. My trainer was patient and sweet and totally won Lucy over. We can’t wait to go through advance lessons with her!
Biscuits Runs
Biscuits R.  // Verified Google Review

A Big Thank you!

I just finished training with my super crazy beagle Pepper and it has really changed her. A big thank you to my trainer for making this such a great experience. Pepper loved her and was always sooo excited to see her (even though she knew she would be working hard). We will probably be back for the advanced sessions soon!
Miish N.  // Verified Google Review

Right place to go!

This was definitely the right place to go! I brought my goldendoodle puppy Chandler, as a SD prospect for star puppy classes and basic obedience and we’ll start advanced obedience for service dog task work! Thanks to OLK9 my boy goes everywhere with me and I get so many compliments on how well behaved he is!
Ally and Chandler  // Verified Google Review

You Will Not Be Sorry!

We brought my brothers dog, Ryder, an 8 month old giant schnauzer with a frat boy personality. After the very first session, he’s become a good boy, listens so much better, and is much calmer. We were trained also. Looking forward to the rest of the classes and watching Ryder’s confidence grow. Take the time to bring your dog here and you will not be sorry.
Deb W.  // Verified Google Review

This Place Is Amazing!

This place is amazing! They took a dog off Craigslist that the previous owners “couldn’t handle” and turned him into a wonderful service dog for our special needs daughter. I’ve been amazed at how Max loves all the different trainers there. They are wonderful at tailoring the training to meet the needs of our daughter.
Sarah J.  // Verified Google Review


Would give 10 stars if possible! My dog’s trainer helped us so much! Without OLK9, my life would be so much more hectic. Having an obedient dog that I can now take with me almost anywhere without worrying is so so so great.
Emily B.  // Verified Google Review

Most Impressive Training Facility!

This is by far the most impressive training facility I have ever seen! They don’t just train they have a genuine love for this dogs! Our experience with our trainer was amazing from the very first introduction and through this process she has been great with feed back of our dogs progress and with pictures! I highly recommend them I can’t imagine ever sending our shepherd anywhere else!
Craig S.  // Verified Google Review

We Now Have Hope!

My dangerously aggressive 93 pound Belgian Malinois who would go for the throat of anyone and any animal that he wasn’t raised around, is now under control after only two lessons!! We just went for a walk and said hello to a jogger. Attacking a jogger was his first sign of aggression, when he was half grown. We also were able to walk past some fenced aggressive dogs, without incident! Both these accomplishments are HUGE for us and our boy! We look forward to the future lessons and our boy’s progress. We know we will always have to be careful with him and he will always have aggressive tendencies. But, we now have hope that we can control him, making his life better and ours too!
Joseph J
Joseph J.  // Verified Google Review

What a Difference in just 1 week!

We had our Labradoodle in the one week board and train program. I can’t say enough good things about our trainer. She is excellent. I highly recommend this facility to anyone that wants an obedient dog. We live downtown and he was all over people when we would walk. What a difference in just one week!! He will walk off leash, place and heel with no issues. Thank you for making our wonderful dog even better.
Connie L.  // Verified Google Review

They Are The Real Deal!

They Are The Real Deal! I can not even begin to thank OLK9 for the tools they have given me to help with my amazing guy! Diesel had a rough first few months (starved, very nervous around people and other dogs due to his “pack” bullying him before we got him, and being attacked at 4 months old by an Akita). At a loss for how to help him, OLK9 was recommended by a fellow GSD owner. They helped him (and myself) so much! He loves going to class and learning. They have been a godsend! We have finally gained our self confidence that was pushed down by past. He is soaring through class and life now! If you need help with your puppy/dog I highly recommend OLK9. You will quickly see they are the real deal!
Jillian B.  // Verified Google Review

couldn't Ask for a Better Trainer!

I found Off Leash K9 Training of Knoxville on Facebook a couple of years ago. I enjoyed seeing so many dogs getting extensive, yet loving training. After getting Daisy, my English Cream Goldendoodle, I enrolled her in the Basic Advanced program. We have been more than thrilled with the love and gentle yet firm, training with have witnessed during our classes with her. Our trainer’s love for her job shows with every new task she teaches Daisy. She’s very hands on with positive reinforcement and verbal wording when coaching/training the dogs in her care. As we near the completion of our Advanced classes, we will moving towards Therapy training and I couldn’t ask for a better trainer to take us to the next level. She’s absolutely a pleasure to work with.
Carol C.  // Verified Google Review

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